Why You Should Own Photographic Prints.

Why should you own a photographic Print? Children grow up, friends and relatives move away, and familiar landscapes are developed and re-developed. Without a photographic print the only thing you have left is memories, and those aren’t guaranteed as we get older either.

Sure, you can save images to a USB, hard drive, or “The Cloud”, but what happens when technology changes and you don’t keep up with it? The answer is simple, your memories are gone! With prints, you need only hang them on your wall, place them on you night stand, mantel, windowsills, or bookshelves, and they’re there for you to see whenever you want. You can even put some in your wallet and carry them with you wherever you go.

If you’re from North Central Massachusetts (specifically the Wachusett Mountain area) or you have an interest in the area, I am happy to show you my images (click on the link below). If you like them enough you can purchase prints right from my website. They make wonderful gifts as well, so please let your friends and relatives know.

If you’re interested in Sunrise and Sunset, Wildlife, Landscapes, and other images, please visit my site and have a look. Find me on Facebook and Instagram too!


Enjoy life, make memories, and I’ll be writing again soon.


Whether thy're 2 or 22, your children's portraits may be all you have as they grow up and start their own lives.
Portraits are wonderful memory savers.

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